Execute given task using parameters from the workspace. If given a taskname, sets taskname as the current active (default) task.

If the task is successfully executed, then a <taskname>.last file is created in the working directory containing the parameter values

  • taskname (obj, string, or None) - task object or task name. None will use current active (default) task.


You can execute a task using the go() command, either explicitly

CASA <44>: go listobs
---------> go(listobs)
Executing: listobs()

or implicitly if the active (default) task has already been set (e.g. by previous use of default() or inp())

CASA <45>: inp tclean
CASA <46>: go()
---------> go()
Executing: tclean()

You can also execute a task simply by typing the taskname.

CASA <46>: tclean
---------> tclean()
Executing: tclean()