Reset task parameter values to the task’s default parameter values. If given a taskname, sets taskname as the current active (default) task.

  • taskname (obj, string, or None) - task object or task name. None will use current active (default) task.


Each task has a special set of default values defined for its parameters. You can use the default() command to reset the parameters for a specified task (or the current active task) to their default.

The default() command resets the values of the task parameters to a set of “defaults” as specified in the task code. Some defaults are blank strings ‘’ or empty lists [], others are specific numerical values, strings, or lists. It is important to understand that just setting a string parameter to an empty string ‘’ is not setting it to its default! Some parameters do not have a blank as an allowed value. See the help for a particular task to find out its default. If ‘’ is the default or an allowed value, it will say so explicitly.