msview(infile, displaytype='raster', channel=0, zoom=1, outfile='', outscale=1.0, outdpi=300, outformat='jpg', outlandscape=False, gui=True)[source]

View a visibility data set

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There are Known Issues for msview.

The msview task will display a MeasurementSet in raster form. Many display and editing options are available. Executing the msview task will bring up a display panel window, which can be re-sized (see below).

If no data file was specified, a Load Data window will also appear. Click on the desired MeasurementSet and the rendered data should appear on the display panel. A Data Display Options window will also appear. It has drop-down subsections for related options, most of which are self-explanatory.

The state of the msview task, i.e. the loaded data and related display options, can be saved in a ‘restore’ file for later use. You can provide the restore filename on the command line or select it from the Load Data window.

For more detailed on how to use the msview task, please read the dedicated CASADocs chapter on 2-D Visualization and Flagging of Visibility Data.


Display a MeasurementSet as a raster image

msview(infile='', displaytype='raster')

This displays the MeasurementSet as a raster image. Settings (e.g., axes) can then be manually adjusted using the interactive Viewer Display Panel. If no infile is specified, the Load Data window will appear for selecting data.

The parameter displaytype (optional) gives the method of rendering data visually using one of the following settings: raster (default), contour, vector or marker. You can also set this parameter to ‘lel’ to provide a Lattice Expression Language expression for infile (advanced).


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Parameter Details

Detailed descriptions of each function parameter

infile (string) - (Optional) Name of file to visualize.
displaytype (string='raster') - (Optional) Type of visual rendering (raster, contour, vector or marker). lel if an lel expression is given for infile (advanced).
channel (int=0) - (Optional) access a specific channel in the image cube
zoom (int=1) - (Optional) zoom in/out by increments
outfile (string='') - (Optional) name of the output file to generate
outscale (double=1.0) - (Optional) amount to scale output bitmap formats (non-PS, non-PDF)
outdpi (int=300) - (Optional) output DPI for PS/PDF
outformat (string='jpg') - (Optional) format of the output e.g. jpg or pdf (this is overridden by the output files extension
outlandscape (bool=False) - (Optional) should the output mode be landscape (PS or PDF)
gui (bool=True) - (Optional) Display the panel in a GUI.