Routines for handling external data dependencies in CASA. These functions are needed to manipulate the runtime data necessary for proper CASA operation.


Command line application bundled in monolitic CASA. Takes no inputs. Updates default casadata package installation to latest. Callable from within the CASA shell via:

CASA <1>: !update-data


runtime argument passed to Python when calling casatools module directly. Updates the casadata contents from specified location to match current contents of casadata repository. If no location is specified, defaults to the location pointed to by the rundata variable in

bash$ python -m casatools --update-user-data=/tmp/mydata
bash$ python -m casatools --update-user-data


rsync server holding a copy of the casadata repo and updated daily. Available as an alternative method of syncing user directories.

rsync -avz rsync:// <location of casadata tables>