Source code for casatools.synthesismaskhandler

# stub class definition file for docstring parsing

[docs]class synthesismaskhandler: r""" tool for mask handling in sysnthesis imaging synthesismaskhandler is a tool to manupilate mask image used in imager """
[docs] def synthesismaskhandler(self): r""" This is used to construct ``synthesismaskhandler`` tool. """ pass
[docs] def pruneregions(self, inmaskname='', prunesize=0.0, chanflag='', outmaskname=''): r""" prune mask regions .. rubric:: Parameters - ``inmaskname (string='')`` - input mask image name - ``prunesize (double=0.0)`` - size in pixels to apply pruning - ``chanflag (boolVec='')`` - list of channel flags - ``outmaskname (string='')`` - optional pruned mask name. If unspecified, use the default name: inmaskname.pruned .. rubric:: Returns ``record`` """ pass
[docs] def done(self): r""" close maskhandler tool """ pass